Safety First at Nana Plaza

Nana Plaza

December 11th, 2015

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At Nana Plaza we take safety and security very seriously both for our staff and our customers.

We have a dedicated team of more than 15 full0time security personnel to monitor activity and respond to any problems that may arise in Nana Plaza.

We work closely with local police to make sure the Plaza and its occupants are safe at all times.

Up-to-date fire equipment is installed through the Plaza.

In addition, we recently improved safety aspects inside Nana Plaza, by upgrading the fire-prevention equipment and making sure all the exits are clear. We also added new high-definition security cameras to assist our security team in dealing with any problems that may arise.

A casual visitor to Nana Plaza may not be even aware they are entering one of the safest tourist zones in Bangkok. We want our customers to have fun, but do so in a worry-free environment.

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