New Nana Beer Garden Opens

Nana Plaza

May 25th, 2018

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The construction of Nana Plaza’s roof required the demolition of the Nana Beer Garden. But now that the roof is done, the Beer Garden is back, better than ever.

Tall cranes were needed to raise the arched, steel supports for the roof, the bundles of tension fiber that make up the canopy and workers to weld and tie everything in place. So the Beer Garden had to go. Dismantling began Jan. 31, the rebuilding process finished on April 3 and the Nana Beer Garden 2.0 opened on May 11.

The biggest change, of course, is the elimination of the (ugly) roof that covered the old Beer Garden. Necessary, of course, because of rain, but it was a total eyesore that made everyone feel claustrophobic. Seating was offered around the central bar and on the rails looking out.

NBG2 has a much more open feel, with the roof gone and high tables scattered around the bar, making conversations easier and more personal. All the furnishing are made of polished wood with fans and TVs scattered around. Overall, NBG2 feels more casual and relaxed and the initial crowds have proven that’s a winning formula.

Check out the gallery below showing the step-by-step construction of the new Nana Beer Garden.

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