Nana Plaza’s Sexy Girls

Nana Plaza

December 14th, 2015

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Nana Plaza not only the biggest and best go-go bars in Thailand, but it also has the hottest girls!

The Rainbow group of bars always has been famous for beautiful dancing girls with the original bars on the ground floor and Rainbow 3 and 5 (plus Twister) on the middle floor.

The Plaza also is home to a few mega-sized go-go bars,  including the huge Bangkok Bunnies and Butterflies and the epic-sized Billboard.

Bangkok Bunnies Interior

Inside the huge Bangkok Bunnies

Actually, everyone has their favorites, such as the fun palance known as Spanky’s, the original Thailand showbar Angelwitch, the twin Mandarin go-gos, hot little Mercury, and the old school Sexy Night. You’ll find all of these on the middle floor.

On the ground floor, across from Bunnies and next to Rainbow 1 is Playskool, whose sexy students make it a must-visit.



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