Nana Plaza Fully Open As It Installs New Roof

Nana Plaza

February 6th, 2018

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Showing its commitment to investing in the future, Nana Plaza has launched its long-awaited project to install a roof above The World’s Largest Adult Playground.

All of Nana Plaza’s bars and pubs are remaining open as normal throughout the six-week construction job, although a fenced-off area where the Nana Plaza Beer Garden stood will pose a bit of an obstacle.

Workers on Feb. 6 began removing the awnings from the middle and top floors while others erected the fence around the area where large cranes will be brought into erect the roof.

Plans call for a fixed tension-membrane roof that will cover the entire building, including the entrance. The design allows light to enter but heat to escape, keeping the Plaza cool and dry.

Once work completes – before rainy season begins – Nana Plaza will have a whole new look.

All the ugly awnings installed to keep patrons dry will be removed, giving the Plaza a much more open feel. Their removal also will allow bar operators to install new signage.

The covered Nana Beer Garden also will sport a whole new look. With no need for a roof, the improved bar truly will feel like a real beer garden and will offer restrooms.

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