In Pictures: Building Nana Plaza’s New Roof

Nana Plaza

May 25th, 2018

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It began with the tear down of the Nana Beer Garden Jan. 31 and wrapped up just before Songkran: The new roof is on a Nana Plaza and it has changed Bangkok’s adult nightlife scene forever.

Long in the planning, the half-million-dollar project spearheaded by the Sangthong Group brings guests and bar owners protection from the rain while leaving open space for heat to escape. The space-age roof is made of high-tech tension membrane stretched across arched steel supports tied up with up to 50 tons of tension.

“We are very proud of our roof,” the man behind Nana Plaza and Thailand’s largest nightlife group, Paul Hayward, said in a recent interview with Stickboy Bangkok. “The idea of the roof was to ensure Nana Plaza retains as many spending customers as possible during low season. Making money in high season is easy. The hard work starts in low season. So, if you wanted to have a night out and it’s raining, get down to Nana.”

Construction of the roof moved at a staggering speed for those used to the casual pace of many projects in Thailand. But once principal work finished around April 1, fine tuning continues and final touches are still being applied.

We documented the construction of the roof in photos, with more than 100 of them in our gallery showing the transformation of the Plaza step-by-step. Click the gallery below.


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