Bangkok Bunnies

Big Changes Underway at Bangkok Builders, er, Bunnies

Nana Plaza

July 1st, 2016

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“How many times can you build the same bar,” The Dutchman asked, somewhat frustrated or amazed as he sat on a sofa amid the latest rubble at Bangkok Bunnies.

In fact, the Nana Plaza ground floor bar has been rebuilt several times, including once by The Dutchman when he changed it from Spellbound and expanded into the former Underground. After bowing out of Nana Plaza, he bought back his bar and decided even more changes were needed.

So while there are still lots of Bunnies on stage, you would be forgiven for calling it Bangkok Builders. But pardon the dust, the work is proceeding quickly and the end product will shine.

Perhaps the biggest change is the relocation of the Jacuzzi. Originally tucked in a back corner – and then walled off by the interim owner – the Jacuzzi is now set to be center stage, surrounded by comfy sofas.

Carpet and plants have been added. The railing is still to come.

The boss is even ruminating about putting in rings from the ceiling to let the ladies swing over the audience and make a splash – but the ceiling looks pretty low! Maybe he’ll raise the roof?

It doesn’t look like much now, but this will be the Jacuzzi area.

It doesn’t look like much now, but this will be the Jacuzzi area.

The exterior door into the “Underground” area – some will know it as the old Voodoo bar – has been walled off and a high platform built where even more sofas were put in.

A new mirrored stage is coming.

A new mirrored stage is coming.

Someone falling off this platform – perhaps by short-cutting the steps – was a matter of “when” than “if” so a chrome railing is being installed to prevent drunken disaster. And the top step will be widened to make the footing more sure.

Other “steps” have already been completed, such as the removal of the two steps down into the Underground and replaced with one wide step. Again, making sure punters put their best foot forward when their eyes are elsewhere near the stage.

The main stage is also seeing some refit. The white surface is being removed and replaced with a tempered glass mirror. The lights under the stage will be covered, but the white ceiling above the stage will reflect all the light needed to see what those Bunnies are hiding under their skirts.

The back stage also will get some ceiling paint – its currently pink – and half the platform will be covered in mirror as well.

Finally, the kitchen is back! Well, sort of. The final work is expected to wrap up this weekend, just in time for the Bangkok Bunnies 4th of July Party, featuring 29-baht hot dogs!

There will also be imported Budweiser, sexy stars-and-stripes uniforms and other surprises, so be sure to come by the party and see the changes underway yourself.



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